If you find value in the content I share on my blog or my facebook page, please feel free to donate here and I will focus on providing more specific content to cater for your individual needs, be those to want to read more inspiring quotes, to read articles on how to get what you want, to find endless playlists with plenty of music that may uplift you, inspire you, motive you, remind you to set standards, etc…

Help me help you in the way you would find most useful, and if you can’t afford any donation, just leave your requests below of what kind of content you would like to see more of and I would try to do my best to keep providing more of that. As I am quite happy living my life getting most of what I want, I sometimes have no idea of what other people are struggling with.

I’d also like to test that theory!!! kidding, I’m happy already…. and I’m not financially rich, but who cares about being rich, most rich people don’t know how to be happy. But some money to help me pay rent and bills will definitely help make ends meet. 😀

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