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Wild women require a higher level of work and effort shown into them for them to actually even entertain the idea of entertaining a man.

These women know what they want, they know their worth and therefore they get exactly what they want precisely by avoiding all those breadcrumbs, vague, lazy or lame attention seeking behaviours from any man.

In fact these women would rather be alone than with anyone displaying the above behaviours. But surprisingly enough these women are rarely left alone. And not only that, each man she gets to entertain treats her and spoils her way better than the previous one because her standards keep getting inevitably higher and higher with each interaction that goes by.

So if you like one of these women you better step up your game for real and not only fake it for two weeks hoping she’d fall in love for that fake persona you’ve just created in hopes she will eventually settle for less once you start to relax thinking you had her under control.

Her love is a criminal, I wouldn’t risk it. It’s best to stay away from these women if you’re not planning to keep on your high level of investment for the long haul. Don’t waste your time (and hers) trying to make her settle for less because she won’t do.

And if this woman in particular has her own job, has her own place, pays her own bill, has her own kids and is currently reluctant to have a relationship at the moment because she’s focusing on chasing other life goals and priorities… well, then we’re talking of a wild queen and to get her attention then you may have to work your brain twice as hard to actually offer her something she can’t afford getting herself and bear in mind hardly anything these days has the power to impress her much.

And honestly, I don’t think is that hard how to call her positive attention but those few intelligent ones who figure out and are brave enough to handle some kind of initial rejection are the ones that may eventually get to meet us, get to know us, date us, spoil us, or include us in their well thought out plans to have fun with even if we were reluctant to entertain men or relationships.

Not many wild gentlemen out and about these days, but actually, we as women can inspire an average man to turn into a wild king. But those that are intelligent enough to figure a way to earn our positive attention will get to experience us with all our full appreciation, admiration and affection for having dared to step up their game enough for us to want to entertain their company even though we weren’t initially intending to.  

I know what kind of work these women require but if you are clueless as what they refer to in the song below with the “You’ve got to work” and need advice on how to get the full positive attention of such hard to get woman, or if you’re a woman and wish to get a guy be so interested in getting to know you that he may not mind travelling 5 hours just to get to be with you for one… then book a time slot in here and I’d be willing to help you become that kind of wild person who gets exactly what they want.

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