That don’t impress me much

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This song is included among my extensive list of standards for single ladies to have. And here is a more in-depth argument as to why this is a standard. In fact I would recommend all people to implement in their lives.

Musically wise is not a style I dig, but I can’t help liking a good song lyric that fits perfectly with my life values or dating philosophy, as it is in this case.

Guys may get the attention of “pick me” girls or regular women just by dropping a line and telling them they are beautiful, but a wild woman… oh well, she’s a different kind of beast, and if any guy makes the mistake of approaching her like he would approach any other regular/average woman. oh well, that’s usually his first and final mistake.

I have much respect for those men who can intuitively feel this and who don’t or won’t ever even dare get anywhere near us because they somehow know we’re a tough cookie. And even much more respect for those who can tell we won’t be easily impressed but still they try their hardest in any possible way to come up with any new original ideas, plans and conversation topics to actually succeed at the art of keeping us remotely interested in their conversation and company.

And that’s because they can already feel we are not sitting at home quietly waiting for some kind of male validation coming our way. Oh yes, I know, some guys might be physically tempting, but are they actually offering you something that adds any value to your life other than just some random easy attention? No? So why waste time on those?

Time is precious and limited, make sure you use it wisely focusing on achieving your own life goals. Because nobody is going to do that for you unless you do so yourself, but some may actually bring you closer and faster to your goals, so make sure you just surround yourself with those who cherish your company and love to see you happy, smiling and thriving. 

And women, please, don’t be impressed by words, be only impressed by actions, consistent actions.

And even when it comes to actions, don’t be easily impressed with just a few random actions here and there, some actions are really easy to make or fake when and if the situation requires it to take you to bed that night.

Now that of always going the extra mile in a consistent way, oh man, that could be certainly impressive!! That may keep a woman warm in the middle of the night if you meet all her other standards and requirements.

For a man like that one of us can even sacrifice some of her freedom and spare time as long as they meet the other standards in a consistent way too. Who do we think we are? just ourselves, we do not need to be popular or famous to choose who we give our attention to. And if you think we are asking for more than we’re worth, well, then it’s like trash took itself out. So thanks in advance.

And no, we don’t get offended if a guy comes and compliments us on our beauty, even if our physical beauty it’s not something we have actually chosen for ourselves. But that fact alone highlights what he’s focusing on and what he wants out of us and bear in mind and intelligent woman may want more than just that.

So yes, a guy coming and opening a private message and try to flirt with me because I’m apparently attractive enough for him, oh well, I’m sorry but like Shania says, that doesn’t impress me much!!

But if you want to know what kind of work is necessary and you’re clueless about how to get the attention of such women you can book my advice here.

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