Tote on the bench

18th of January 2020

And this is how these little tote bags look like. This one actually belongs to my sister-in-law (Thank you Marta if you get to read this!!). I didn’t plan to take promotional pictures  but as I was taking photos of the kids playing in the park seeing one of my photography works hanging just there in front of my eyes… caught my eyes.

What I like about this photo is that something caught my attention and I took it just like I saw it. And once looking at them on the computer it’s something about that bench and the composition that draws me in. I think is actually the depth of field on the bench curly arm details.

However if you like this particular tote bag or would like to purchase it for a friend you can click on the image below. As I publish this they have a 20% off this article. The one displayed in the image is the 13×13 size. I usually order them in 16×16 because I teach and in those ones I can fit any kind of board games and A4 files.

IMGL6745 edit wm

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