I was about to title this picture to post it on 500px and this song of Grimes came to mind.

A very suitable song, mood and lyrics for one of my favourite clients. He does definitely has that calming and soothing effect described in the song. The tall and handsome also applies in his case ;D.

I owe him so many thanks for keeping me in the business and allowing me to try new business services and offers that I barely have time to catch up with all the work I’m doing for him /thanks to him. More of previous work/collabs here!!

Whenever life feels like it could suck again and I start worrying about how am I going to make ends meet…. is as if he reads my mind and hires me for a new more challenging photoshoot, for a new shopping assistant trip or new challenges and photographic plans I find impossible to refuse.

He knows me all too well from day one and knows I’m the kind of responsible yet crazy person who loves to live life to the fullest. I have no regrets about my past. I’ve partied and lazed around more than your average person so now I can work hardest than most. I love my work. And these days I’m just prioritizing people who enable me to be of service to them.

So if my client loves travelling and needs some fun companionship or practicing his English… I go travelling with them. There are no limits when it comes to what kind of English immersion we do. My goal is to make a living out of my skills. Being an original fun entrepreneur is one of them.

On this occassion… you’ve guessed it!! A photoshoot by the sea with his ageing female dog Aqua was his latest photoshoot idea. Aqua is a dog he didn’t plan to have but he rescued her on a cold rainy night and the rest is history. A heart made of gold… indeed.

The star of the photoshoot seems very pleased posing and enjoying the extra attention and the trip to the sea which she hasn’t seen all that often in her lifetime. Unfortunately her health is deteriorating a bit due to her age and he wanted some photos taken of her while she’s still able to walk. Since he’s also learning English and needs to practice speaking from time to time we made a two in one business deal. An English immersion plus a little photoshoot to a destination of his choice.

And I’m quite pleased with the results and even more pleased with the fact he loves them. I think it’s one of my best portraits so far. ;D

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