Making the most that nobody believed in this enough as to invest on it yet in the month of July I decided to try this for myself with the music playlist and content I have previously selected for these retreats:

Major Goals I had:

– House perfect for next week Find Your Wild Side Retreat ✅

– Fitter body, face glow and somehow still looking younger by the day ✅

– Daily swimming pool exercise ✅ I lost two kilos as a side effect of working on the stuff I was procrastinating around the house and the healthy diet I’m following.

– Swimming pool maintenance under control ✅

One week booked of either FYWS retreat or holiday home ✅ And I got three extra days! ;D

– Cut out amount of hours I spend on social media ✅

– Reduce amount of cigarrettes per day ✅ I went from 6 to 3, and when I run out I simply went cold turkey….;D

Observations of the week.

  • The music playlist worked like a charm. You get some songs here for demostration purposes. But the song alone may not help you get the same results I get, a lot of it it’s the attitude that we would be working here. I attach physical evidence below, the goal is not to show off as I know it’s not much but for me is all I needed not to struggle financially this month and the next one.
  • I seem to get whatever I want when I want it and need it the most. And you could have done the same if you came here for any of those two weeks. So “if you ain’t with me it’s your loss, see?” as now I’m almost all booked for August and I won’t be able to offer again a full week of this goal focusing experience till next year but I can do weekends from here till then.
  • As I’ve shown some of my physical results this week, I’ve naturally received way more attention than usual when it comes to men. However words are for pussies I only dig action orented men these days. ;D.
  • Nothing makes me happier these days than earning my own money thanks to my ideas, my skills and the quality services I offer.
  • Since my ex is not working since I got divorced I have been challenged to prioritize paid work over my love life to make up for the 400€ monthly he should be paying to contribute to our children upbringing. So basically, cash is everything I need these days from men. And unless money and love go hand in hand I’m afraid that’s something I can’t waist time on.
  • But don’t get it twisted: MONEY can’t buy my love nor my sex. Not even if they are young, fit, attractive and apparently wealthy af as the person who tried to get me to guarantee sex before paying the booking fee. I’m not an escort and I’m not a whore. Nothing wrong with other women doing so but that’s not the service I offer. So if you’re not hiring me for the services I want to offer don’t hire my services at all. I’d rather go poor than lowering my standards and my brains are my biggest asset.
  • And since that man got offended I rejected his offer because I have morals and integrity his money can’t buy he then tried to belittle me asking me if I thought I was royalty for having such high standards? followed by are you a feminist? you bet I am – BOTH!! I happen to rule in my house, rule my kids, rule my business, rule my life and almost everything that’s in it. There you can look at my tattoo… I’m definitely the queen in my world. ;D
  • Just because I know my worth and I have high standards doesn’t mean I think I’m above anyone else though. I don’t think I’m the prettiest, definitely not the youngest, and probably not the smartest woman on earth but I just happen to love myself regardless and I’m very aware that my spare time is very limited and I’m not willing to spend a single ounce of it on relationships or things that don’t align with my values and standards.
  • This Find Your Wild Side retreat was a great opportunity to meet anyone who would have wanted to do the same. But two weeks have gone and not even if at first I offered it sort of half price or quid pro quo would people take this chance to change their luck. I guess I can’t help those who don’t want to help themselves. I could have felt like a failure when I lost the above opportunity but I chose to stay positive instead.

  • And IT’S A FACT!! Everytime I refuse to lower my standards and I choose to stick to my guns I something better comes along. And this time it took less than 24 hours to show up. And it showed up just like a miracle!! I didn’t go chasing anyone or anything. This person is not a stranger and he came to book exactly the same week of August the other person was going to book and a couple more days extra. Can you see what being fearless in rejecting anything that is not what you truly want can do for you?? Oh no, sorry, you can’t because you are afraid to run that risk!!

  • And he doesn’t know this yet but those who invest in my work are bound to get way more than they sign up for. Why? Basically because I genuinely care about providing any of my customers the best and most rewarding experience ever in their lives as I’m grateful beyond words to anyone who helps me thrive in my business. And I know his visit it’s going to be a treat for me too as he’s a fine gentleman who loves to have genuine fun too.
  • On this week I’ve also realized I’m a weird mum…. I love my kids to bits and we’re 99% of the time kissing and hugging each other when we’re together but when we’re not I loooooove having time to myself to focus on what I want or need to achieve next. I love my time alone. And I promised them I would focus on earning the extra 400€ a month their father is not going to provide from now on and god knows when will he ever be able to pay maintenance again. But eveything I do … I do it for them. And now I can’t wait to have them back today 01/08/22
  • I can manifest two paid jobs in less than a week??? Wow. Just wow.

Why can’t my ex focus on finding paid jobs and do the same??? I guess he’s just secretly hoping he doesn’t have to. He says “if you need the money that badly you can’t afford running the swimmingpool”. Hehe… tell me that I can’t… and I’ll be showing you things you couldn’t believe. Like the way I made money this week.

But just because I can magic money out of nowhere and make enough to pay for all the bills of raising a family and a business on my own doesn’t mean that I have to or that I should do so. So once I prove him wrong…I may decide to take legal action to get it all back again. I’ll take this money as savings as I did for the last year and half he didn’t pay any child maintenance.

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