FYWS Retreat August

Well…. last ten days have been like living inside a dream. You know the feeling of dreams finally coming true? or the feeling of actually earning money from an idea you had in mind and pursued? well… that’s how it’s been to me.

I’m once again living proof that no matter what you want… you can get it when you are fearless in the pursuit of your goals. As one of the first things we talk upon his arrival “querer es poder”.

He came to work remotely from my dream holiday house as a guest… simultaneously kind of experiencing the fun retreat experience I had in mind by challenging himself to speak Spanish only after working hours whilst having fun discovering what Granada had to offer as a city in the company of what he thought would be an enjoyable local tour guide.

He stayed in the dreamer’s room and worked remotely from the lounge as I barely use the lounge anyway, so I didn’t mind him using one as an office and one as a bedroom.

And then after he’s gone I’ve realized that I love the job of hosting and providing for people at home but it’s definitely been like a full time job. I thought it would imply less work, but no, it definintely takes time tyding up whatever we had the night before and making every little detail perfect for breakfast the following day; from cleaning the toilet daily surfaces daily to the microwave ones and ensuring the house shared spaces were all clean, tidy and ventilated, as well as having the coffee and breakfast ready before he woke up and sat down to work Monday to Friday that week. Or at least that I like to have that kind of standard.

I also enjoyed having my details here and there, as to me, anyone who hires me is someone helping me make a living out of my skills in a decent and honourable way and these people deserve to see and experience the absolute best of me, that’s how grateful I can be to those who help me make my dreams come true. So when I noticed he often felt peckish during working hours and indulged snacking on pringles I made sure he had a stash of them before he sat down to work the following day. And also since he prebooked his holidays just a day after his birthday and by doing so becoming like one of the many miracles I needed in July to make ends meet for all the second half of July and all of August I definitely felt like I owed him a detail for his belated birthday and did some research on his facebook wall to see what activities he was into, et voilá! something similar was advertised shortly afterwards here in Granada so I booked it and I hope he thoroughly enjoyed it, I certainly did. ;D

And if people come to stay and work remotely from my house and I am in then I could also offer them lunch and he being here has been a great opportunity for me to practice some of my exotic dishes (I forgot to take pictures of) that given the fact that they are usually spicy I barely get to cook for my children. Some even require some specific seasoning that I could only find in England and he was able to find them for me before coming here (thank you very much) together with a bottle of Jäger as when he asked me which spirit I liked I told him that one, as when he arrived my friend Rachel and her boyfriend were here and it’s kind of a ritual with her to have a shot of Jäger before heading out of the house and we pretty much followed the tradition as well throughout these ten days.

The remainder of his stay here you can see and read in some of the pics below.

Ten days of everything but Netflix and chill. Plenty to do outdoors once he finished work!!. Didn’t even sit on the sofa or turn the telly on at all during his stay.

Thanks to him I also felt like I had some holidays as I have spent the whole summer at home trying to spend as little as possible due to some unexpected incidents that impacted my finances this summer and just by having him around forced me to finally go outside and experience more of what is like living a life outdoors. In fact I had been wanting to go to Los Cahorros for a year but never got round to. So definitely made the most of his stay here to go hiking, dancing, night clubbing, bowling, throwing darts (those two definitely not my thing XD) playing pool (I nearly won once so more of my thing) playing cards, ensuring he practiced as much Spanish as possible during his stay and learning how to beat him at Backgammon like four times in a row and also teaching him how to play a very traditional Spanish game at which he also won me like twice or three times in a row. Beginners luck ;D

And well… I was also extremely lucky that my first guest at my dream home wasn’t a total stranger to me!! In fact Gareth and I actually met in England when I lived over there ages ago and we still have a very good friend of mine in common and kind of very occassionally stayed in touch via facebook messenger, and those of you who know me actually know that when I write “occassionally” I actually mean it!

So being able to provide this experience for someone I could trust not to be a psychopath yet barely knew him personally lent itself for plenty of things to talk about during our tourist outings. He seemed like fun to be around and easy going and he didn’t disappoint at all. And he shocked me with how fast he learns Spanish but even more so with how fearless he is at practicing what he already knows. And as I mentioned somewhere else most parents hire me as a teacher but really what I’m doing with my pupils is more like coaching them to practice talking in English without the fear of making mistakes or the fear of not being understood. And when it comes to that he didn’t need any coaching. So what else can anyone ask for? Dream job if you ask me… I get to earn money out of my skills!!

And with my skills I obviously don’t mean my bedroom skills at all. Because when it comes to those I definitely deserve an award for the amazing self-control I seem to have in comparison to anyone reading this and thinking I must be having sex with my male customers because that’s probably what they would do.

But in my case… having very clear goals in mind makes it easier to stay true to my goals when I really want to, especially when I have a personal challenge to stick to. And sadly, yes, I feel the need to clarify this because I’m sick and tired of the fact that a woman has to earn money out of working for other women in order for her job to be taken seriously or to be considered as strickly professional. The moment a woman works closely with a male everyone seems to think he must fancy her or she must fancy him. Why would him or anyone bother travelling and spending that much money just for something he can get for free elsewhere these days?? There are plenty of women giving sex and love for free… why would any good looking guy who earns loads of money pay to get some?. Perhaps it’s got nothing to do with sex. But if me being smarter with my time and actually getting paid for spending time in company of men you could find interesting enough to date please go and join the club here.

Judging by the positive actions and reactions I often get from men who try to seduce me these days I can tell that most people have never met or seen a wild queen at work before and those who do definitely get to see why we’re wired different than the average woman.

So many many thanks to Gareth for investing time, money and effort coming all the way here to work remotely and by doing so making me extremely happy by allowing me to earn a living thanks to my hosting, teaching and interpersonal skills as well as enjoying his company. And if you asked me, way to go if you want any of my time and attention. I can avoid and ignore men but I definitely pay attention and ensure my customers are having the best of their stay. But I make a point here to let men who may find me attractive and think this could be their chance to hook up…. not to hire me because this is not the nature of my business.

Anyone woman or man interested in having sort of an experience like Gareth had (I would call it the V.I.P experience) of being picked up and dropped at the airport, staying here, having breakfast and lunch cooked whilst working remotely and be shown around the best places in town whilst learning Spanish you can book it here now. If you also want to go hiking long distances, going scubba diving, kayaking, rafting, nightclubbing or things like that in Spanish or in the company of a native then I would be up for it… I can book them in advance for your stay here but such activities will have to be at your expense.

To learn Spanish/English faster though I would recommend an entire week of immersion (only available in summer) or a weekend immersion where you get forced to speak the language you want to learn for three to six days in a row.

And well this experience so far will be for friends of friends, trusted family of trusted friends and viceversa.

Here is what Gareth said about it:

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