Wild Women Do ….

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 Love Having Fun

A wild woman who has been through a lot in life at a young age soon has learnt to embrace, value and cherish having a good time when it comes her way, she loves having her fun at whatever age she is.

Who said swings or fun fair rides are only for kids? Is there really an age to stop night clubbing and give it your all on the dancefloor? Nope. Not for wild women. Should she really stop dancing in nightclubs or wearing her favourite leather trousers or ripped jeans just because she reached age 30? 35? 45? or even 60? Nope.

Who said just because you reached a certain age you have to limit enjoying and being yourself? Most wild women have rediscovered the person they were supposed to be before society unsuccessfully demanded them to stop being themselves to fit in.

Stand Out

Most of these women are initially unaware that they stand out. In fact, most of them get bullied because of this very same reason.

Why? Because they don’t even know how to fit the mold, because they are too busy daydreaming in their own fantasy world and often don’t take social clues from Tv and magazines on how to look cool, they just don’t care. And perhaps it’s that attitude that makes them stand out the most.

Sadly, these women have to find out the hard way that apparently being themselves wasn’t a problem at all, in fact being their unapologetic selves was their biggest asset. These women were just naturally confident enough to be themselves. And that generates a lot of envy from people who just live to impress other people. Envious people that feel the need to bring you down so they can stand out and feel better about themselves.

Wild women are all those good girls that got socially discarded and buried deep in the dirt because they didn’t fit in. Those bullies didn’t think that such darkness and negative comments that were aimed to hurt these women would eventually make them germinate into an ever-blossoming wild creature with such an evil strike that I would not dare you provoking these days.

Demand Respect

A wild woman has had her fair deal of ordeal in her past and she has learnt to successfully deal with it with little to no support at all. Basically, she’s been already to hell and back a couple of times, and now she will not entertain opinions of her or will lend herself to be messed around ever again.

Queen of the middle finger some of these wild women might be known as, but she would rather hold it out than take any belittling, demeaning opinion or unsolicited harmful criticism also known and frequently summarized as bullshit.

Have a Fearless Attitude

In case it wasn’t obvious before, this woman will have to do whatever she has to do to protect hereselfand those she cares about.

These women have very high standards and won’t waste time with people who don’t meet them, support them, value them or respect them. And less with people who only seem to try to bring them down just because they can’t meet or keep up with such standards.

Their fearless attitude gets all the wise wild boys and gentlemen absolute crazy for them. Any fool trying to play her like a fool will end up being the fool in the situation because these women are way smarter than they seem.

They are only interested in making the most of each day chasing their goals and achieving their dreams, keeping the good times rolling for as long as they can. Try to make that difficult for them and watch them disappear.

Mind Their Own Business

Most wild women I know just mind their own business (be that her family or her real business) and will pay no attention to what other people are doing with their lives, not because they don’t care, it’s simply because they have a lot on their plate to worry about what anyone else is doing with their lives.

They have no time to envy or hate on other people because they know they are masters and creators of their own life experience and whatever they desire in their lives they can get it if their set their minds to do so.

Surround Themselves with Other Wild Women

Wild Women have an uncanny ability to recognize each other wherever they spot one of them, be that at school, at the gym, at work. Oh yes, that other woman who looks gorgeous and amazing and doesn’t emanate any bad vibes? Yeps, that’s a wild woman.

When it comes to friends, they really enjoy their company and try to always stay in touch, regardless of whether they are single or in long term committed relationships.

Each wild woman knows and owns her own light, so there is no need to compete or throw shade on each other. Strong wild women support other women on their journey to self discovery of their own power. They create a sisterhood wherever they go.

And, of course, it will take a strong Wild Woman to raise another Wild Woman. It’s from them after all where they learnt to lack the ability to gossip or mingle with small minded people. 

Have Creative Minds

From creating their own ideal lives to crafting their own escape to undesirable situations in the most advantageous ways. From cooking amazing meals from whatever is left in a near empty fridge to find new purpose to old household items. From running their own business following their own individual artistic view to create awesome Halloween outfits on the spot. Whatever they have to do… they will always find a creative new way to save the day or surprise their more than lucky partners and working colleagues with their ideas.

When people who surround them think they’ve seen it all from these women they will continue to amaze them with new ideas, a new perspective, new styles, a new personal challenge or goal and so on. And what could you expect? after all creativity and monotony are just opposites, be that for better or for worse.

They are honest

A byproduct of them being fearless and their lack of fear of committing social suicide (they died from this a long time ago) you can always count on these type of women to tell you things as they see them. Therefore they make the best shopping assistants there are out there because you can count on them to let you know exactly how good or bad things look on you, no sugarcoating, no faking they look bad because they’re threatened by how good it looks on you. In fact some may already offer their services as shopping assistants and I have, you can read customer satisfaction on that link.

Those who have hired me for that purpose can’t stop telling me how suddenly they receive more compliments than usual, that truly people can’t resist the temptation to let them know how good that new purchase looks on them or even how happy and cheerful they look since they apply my atittude in life.

In fact you can ask me for advice on any topic and you’ll know even though my honest advice may seem crazy, radical or counterintuitive at first it really does work. My best friends come to me when they need an honest opinion and very specific results. Why? because any who have known her for well enough time knows that she has already done that and got the best results.

They see no need to lie nor are they people pleasers. They will try to be tactful or as tactful as they can possibly be. It’s not always guaranteed they will suceed at it but in most cases they will avoid telling you the truth unless you ask them directly for it or paid for their advice to do so.

And unfortunately for you these women just don’t run their mouths, if they ever feel the need to warn you against a special someone please know they have facts and proof to back that opinion up.

When in a relationship they will remain absolutely loyal and in love for as long as it gets, and if they lose feelings for you and that is no longer possible they will break up as soon as they realize they don’t love them anymore. Why? well, like we said. They are fearless. They’re not scared of loneliness. They are more scared of wasting their time with the wrong person though.

Especially if they have children and they want their children to learn all about love, respect, honesty, healthy relationships and the like.

So these wild women can’t promise the “forever” and the “unconditional” love because it’s simply not true for them. Treat her like a queen and she’ll most definitely cherish you. Start treating them badly, dragging them down, loading your resentment on them and they will be gone in the blink of an eye. They have no time and space for drama in their lives.

Wild Stuff

These women dare to wear or do whataever they want. They allow themselves the freedom to be themselves. And for better or for worse this is rare in a world full of fake and insecure people.

Regardless of their physical beauty or age it’s impossible not to notice these wild women when out and about. The general reaction is to follow them with their eyes, the most indiscrete ones turn their heads to admire them from the back and most to whistle at them, some even kneel in front of them and thank god for finding them in their way, some strange men even aboard them on the street in plain daylight convinced these are the women of their dreams, let alone at nightclubs when people who don’t dare talk to them all night just come to compliment them on how they’re fucking beautiful to watch all night long with no other ambition than letting her know that and go. Not even asking for their names.

Those women that turn heads even with all their clothes on and all covered to their ankles? Yes, those are the wild women. It’s like they they emanate sensuality throughout all their pores. Some of them just prefer to keep it on the low and classy. But on occassions they may just fancy being able to wear whatever they fancy wearing on that day regardless of how revealing or flashy. This is because they don’t want to reinforce the old stereotypes that send the message that respectable women are the ones that cover their bodies up.

Too sexy? “whore for sure”. Too covered up? “dude, she’s a boring prude”.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So most wild women I know said “fuck it! there is no way to win at this, so we might as well do as we please, in and out of bed”. And of course wild women do all those things most men dream about.

And it’s precisely this fearless attitude and confidence in themselves that annoys most people who are scared to be themselves and yet feel entitled to judge them as witches, whores and what not for things they wish they dared to do themselves.

They do also have dress down days. They allow themselves to be themselves at all times above all. And by doing so they inspire and empower other fellow wild sisters to do the same.

They seem to do magic

These women definitely seem to set hearts racing with their femenine powers, they can cast spells with just a glance or a killer smile and can have everlasting results when using both at once.

Since these women are very determined, once they set their mind to get or achieve something they usually get it. And men that these women find attractive sooner or later will eventually fall into that category as well.

And I guess that’s a skill that most people haven’t mastered yet and that’s why most people think there must be some kind of black magic involved in the process. Especially if they get handsome men and they themselves don’t seem too appealing.

I suspect that’s why most women were labelled “witches” and got burnt and tortured alive. Most men and jealous women thought that wild women had mastered the art of bending the will of even the strongest of men thanks to sorcery and witchcraft. But no. Our power lies in how we use our brain to lure and seduce.

And most of us don’t even do it on purpose. We just are. Men find us attractive just the way we are. That poses a threat to women who feel less than us just because they haven’t found their unique wild powers yet.

They are perceived as High Maintenance

Not only are these women rare to find, they are also extremely hard to impress and keep. Only men who are willing to put in the work and have some true value and quality time to offer them will be given time of day. And as long as they keep the same level of investment and effort their next date could be more or less granted. But give these women a below average experience and it might be the last time you’ll see them.

Because remember; these women are independent or working to become so. In fact most are queens of their own queendoms. That means they do not need the love of a man or a king to save them. They are perfectly happy on their own because they themselves have worked or are working hard in order to live a life they no longer feel the need to escape from.

These women won’t beg for your love or your attention, if it’s not given consistently and devotedly they simply won’t want it anymore.

Therefore these women are not ordinary women, they are extremely rare, a one in a lifetime kind of woman and you may not recognize them straight away because once they reach certain age they value respect more than attention and validation. And they are perhaps as well more focused on earning their own living than hanging around with people who can’t inuitively tell she knows and she’s worth way more than she shows. And she won’t spend any time trying to convince you of her value, if you failed to recognize it when you first had a chance and you didn’t act on it, oh well, you might have missed her for good. By the time you’ll notice she was way more than just a beautiful cover to the book she’ll be taken again by someone new who was way more observant and fought harder to earn her and keep her from the get go.

So yes, it can be said that the weak lazy and insecure type of men will call these women “high-maintenance” in hopes they’ll have to work less to keep them happy, but they will go and raise the bar instead.

Why? Ohh they are smart enough to recognize that when a man is trying to convince her that they are expecting too much of him is like the biggest red flag that he is not the man that has what it takes to be with her and she won’t entertain less than reciprocity, a consisten level of interest and effort.

They Scare Cowards and Attract the Real Deal

Yes… they are very choosy with how and who they spend their spare time with.  They know their worth and they are aware of their value. They have integrity and they know they have a lot going on for themselves and they’re not scared of being alone until the right one finds a way to sneak in into her more than busy agenda.

So these women will scare most people away, won’t reply to most attention seeking texts and won’t entertain basic and average display of interest. They’re too busy working on their goals to entertain men just for the sake of it.

This is not because these women have any lofty ideas about themselves, this is mainly because they genuinely enjoy working on their passions, they enjoy their time alone and their peace of mind so much so that they’re not willing to sacrifice any of it for breadcrumbs or even good romantic interests. Why not? Ohh because love doesn’t pay their bills.

The man who wants to be with these type of women has to be as free and wild as her, as it’s maybe only this type of man who will not try to cut her wings off. Because she just wants someone to be able to fly and enjoy together of the good things that both their salaries can afford them.

Become Superheroines

They rarely sit on the pity potty or blame others for their misfortunes because they rarely experience any since they released their wild side.

These wild women know how to turn their pain into power, were they ever to fall from grace agan they will glue themselves back together just like carbon particles make solid diamonds out of unbearable heat and pressure. 

These women will take full responsibility of their situation and will do whatever it takes to get themselves out of a dark and negative place as soon as possible and with the best possible outcome for them. And they know they can handle the worst of men even if they had to, they just don’t feel like they need to do so.

They recognize bullshit and stop abuse on its tracks because they have learnt to recognize it and they have dealt with it. They stand their ground and defend their boundaries like the fierce warriors they are. 

They are Dangerous

So yes, they are somewhat dangerous to the men who are aware they can disappear on them any given time when they start slacking. Some like to play with fire until they get burnt. Some think they think they’ll have eternal chances with women like these.

No amount of fake tears, real ones, mispoken words or handwritten ones that can get her back once you tried to mess her around more than twice or three times.

These wild women are far from perfect themselves and there is no denying that perhaps most of these women could potentially indulge in the excuse provided to release that evil streak they had to create to fight all bullies and manipulators that they have encountered along the way. Of course they can become “vicious” as Halestorm points in their song.

But eventually financially and emotionally independent wild women will soon realize that paying men back and making them regret their actions it’s just a waste of their time and energy that they could much better employ to pursue their dreams and goals. After all playing wicked games are just a symptom that they’re entertaining toxic relationships that they no longer want in their lives.

But yes, her love is a criminal to the lame men who don’t recognize her value in time.

Oh yes, just when you think she’s eating out of the palm of your hand she will teach you in the most efficient and lethal way that it has never been that way. So they’re dangerous because you’ll never see them coming, remember they’re creative.

Treat them right from the get go though and you will have nothing to be fearful about.

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